About Us

AISHICO is a collection of modern chic demi-fine jewelry. Designed and handcrafted with thoughtful details and quality materials, each unique piece is made to love and to last.

Design Philosophy

Created with intention, to bring you one-of-kind, quality long lasting pieces that are aesthetically beautiful and functional. Not only do we want you to feel stylish, but also comfortable in our jewelry, knowing that each piece is designed with sleek lightweight materials in mind and metals that are known to be safe for sensitive skin. We love adding small touches to make each piece captivating from every angle, drawing attention to the details and sparking curiosity. We hope you enjoy this collection and that it can help you look and feel your best.

Quality Commitment

  • We use genuine freshwater pearls that are sourced from reputable distributors locally, hand-selected to best match each design. Every pearl is individually inspected for color, texture, size and shape.
  • We use genuine 14k gold-filled, .925 sterling silver and vermeil components sourced from reputable distributors in North America.
  • Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, according to standard specifications, and tested for quality and safety before releasing to market.


    • We source our supplies and materials locally as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint and support local businesses in our community at the same time.
    • We aim to be plastic-free and only use eco-friendly materials in our packaging. Our jewelry boxes and shipping boxes are 100% recyclable.
    • Our products contain precious metals that are made to last as opposed to fast fashion accessories, thus reducing waste.